Building Renovations

Planning on making some changes to your home?

Adding new pieces or changing existing parts of your home is great way to breath a new lease of life into a tired property. There is often more than meets the eye in terms of work that needs to be done to bring renovations up to specification. At G Revake builders we pride ourselves on always doing our work by the book.

We have worked on many home renovations and bring that experience to the table from day one of our interaction with you. We are equipped to deal with projects of all types, some of which are below.


Whether your old fence is looking a bit tired or you don’t currently have one here at G Revake Builders we are always happy to help. We can build any style of fence it really will come down to your taste and budget.

We also handle the removal of the old fence if that is necessary and can organise painting.

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Deck and Patio areas

Elevated or at ground level, decks are something we have a lot of experience in. We can work with a range of timbers and help from day one in terms of gaining the right permits and ensure everything is built to specification.

auckland deck builders

Home Extensions

It doesn’t matter whether we are re-modelling existing spaces or adding completely new rooms to an existing home, our team is fully qualified and equipped to get done whatever it is you need.

Again any permits needed we can assist in acquiring, our work is top quality and we stand by it.

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